The best way to understand evolution is to get your hands dirty! Why not try out some of these activities.

Evolution At Berkley

The Evolution at Berkley website has a really great database of activities which you can access for free.

Evolution MegaLab

The snails in your backgarden are evolving. You can help a team of scientists to find out how and why at Evolution.

OPen Air Laboratories

OPAL has lots of information and activities for teachers, students and enthusiasts. Some are nation wide, some are for particular regions of the country. They also run a number of biodiversity surveys which you can contribute too.

National Biodiversity Network

The NBN runs a number of biodiversity surveys and collects and stores the information. They also have some nice material on Darwin.

Biodiversity 2010

2010 is the international year of biodiversity. Get involved! Find out what you can do here.

Ladybirds - Evolving & Invading

Help scientists monitor the spread and evolution of an invasive species of ladybird and how it is affecting our native species here.

Citizen Science

You don't have to be a scientist to do science. Find out about citzen science projects at the Cornell citizen science centre.