Lesson Material

Below are pdf slides and lesson plans for teachers to download and use. We chose the topics based on 21st Century Science's GCSE science course. We hope they are helpful!

Although they are based on GCSE courses they may be suitable for lower or higher years with some editing.

If you have resources that you would like to share with other teachers please feel free to email them to us and we may be able to put them on this website.

There are also links to other resources here. The Evolution at Berkley website has a really great database of lesson plans and activities which you can access for free.

Why Does Evolution Matter?

These slides introduce evolution in a wide context and aim to show that evolution is interesting and has useful and important applications.

» Download: Why does evolution matter - slides

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How Science Works

These slides introduce the scientific method. The development of Darwin's theory is used as an example.

» Download: How science works - slides

Notes on the slides:

» Download: How science works - notes

How Life Began & Evolved

These slides introduce theories on how life began and the processes which lead to the diversification and modification of life.

» Download: Life's beginings and evolution - slides

Notes on the slides:

» Download: Life's beginings and evolution - notes

Evidence & Evolution

These slides introduce the sorts of evidence which scientists use to show that evolution happens, and to work out exactly how.

» Download: Evidence and evolution - slides

Notes on the slides:

» Download: Evidence and evolution - notes

Biodiversity & Speciation

These slides discuss the origin of species and biodiversity.

» Download: Biodiversity & speciation -slides

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Human Evolution

These slides are about human evolution, introducing evidence from genetics and the fossil record.

» Download: Human evolution - slides

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Variation & Inheritance

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