Other Resources

There are many other online resources to help students, teachers and the general public learn about evolution. (These categories are NOT mutually exclusive!)

We’ve collected some below; if you run a site related to Darwin or evolution which you’d like to add to this list feel free to contact us.

Darwin’s Birthday

Darwin200 ~ the home of a large collaborative project celebrating Darwin’s 200th Birthday across the UK.

The Cambridge Darwin Festival ~ a festival about Darwin and evolution open to everyone.

Darwin Day ~ Darwin’s birthday happens once a year (no way??) so why not celebrate it every year? This site contains information on Darwin Day as well as general information about evolution.

Darwin Toolbox ~ The British Council's Darwin site.

Darwin’s Work

The Complete Work of Darwin Online ~ All of Darwin’s work, all free to access.

The Darwin Correspondence Project ~ A project aiming to publish all Darwin’s correspondence. The site includes pages on Darwin & religion, Darwin & science and teaching resources.

Darwin Digital Library of Evolution ~ the American Museum of Natural History’s project to build an accessible library of the evolution literature.

Darwin’s Life

About Darwin ~ Contains lots of information about Darwin, run by David Leff ‘an amateur scholar of the History of Science’

Darwin Online ~ Biographical information about the great man.

Down House ~ Visit Darwin’s house and see his study, garden and the famous ‘Sandwalk’ where he did a lot of his great thinking.

Multimedia Resources

BBC’s Darwin: the Genius of Evolution ~ the BBC’s site on evolution with links to past radio and TV programmes.

Becoming Human ~ a great site explaining human evolution through activities and film clips.

Open's Darwin Site ~ find out about Open University programmes and resources (and get a free poster).

PBS’s Evolution site ~ An excellent site which contains lots of information for students and teachers including online courses and videos, and print resources.

TED talks on Evolution’s Genius ~ watch the world’s most influential scientists give lectures for a popular audience online.

Teaching Resources

Evolution matters - created by the European Society for Evolutionary Biology, contains lots of useful information as well as some downloadable material for teachers.

Evolution by Mark Ridley ~ a site which supplements Ridley’s book but is useful without it. Includes Tutorials, experiments and other resources.

Evolution: Education & Outreach ~ a peer review journal which promotes teaching of evolutionary theory. Access is free online until the end of 2009.

Evolution Megalab ~ be part of a real scientific project on the evolution of banded snails

National Center for Science Education ~ US based centre which hosts information on evolution and teaching evolution.

PBS’s Evolution site ~ An excellent site which contains lots of information for students and teachers including online courses and videos, and print resources.

Science Teaching Resources from Teachernet ~ various resources for teachers.

Swathmore College’s Evolution resources ~ includes lesson plans and other useful resources. Also check out the related Axis of Evo.

UC Berkeley’s Understanding Evolution: For Teachers ~ packed full of useful stuff for teachers.

Wellcome’s School Resources ~ Includes programmes and activities to help teachers teach and FREE (in 2009) experimental kits! Make sure your school gets them!

General Evolution Resources

The American Museum of Natural History’s Darwin Exhibition~ contains lots of information about Darwin’s life and work including pages on Evolution Today.

Evolution: 24 myths & misconceptions ~ The NewScientist debunks common myths about evolution.

Evolver Zone ~ another good resource for teachers and students with a collection of cool games.

The Natural History Museum ~ always worth a visit – the NHM website also contain information about Darwin and Evolution including videos.

15 Evolutionary Gems ~ Nature Magazine collects the top 15 ‘Evolutionary Gems’ from modern research published in the last decade.

UC Berkeley’s Understanding Evolution ~ a site about the principles, evidence and importance of evolution.

UCMP’s Evolution Wing ~ Information on evolution from the University of California, Berkeley.

Other Sites

The Darwin Foundation ~ The Charles Darwin Foundation carries out research for the conservation of the Galapagos ecosystem; their site has information about their own work and the Darwin-Galapagos connection.

Encyclopedia of Life ~ information on every (identified) species on earth and their relatedness.

Travels in the Great Tree of Life ~ Yale University’s Peabody Museum’s resource on how all living things are related. Includes some pretty cool stuff on phylogenies.

Written by Stephen Montgomery